“Being an Ambassador’s Spouse is a Profession”

Mrs. Linda Benmoussat Spouse of the Algerian diplomatic mission’s head in Azerbaijan BY ELENA KOSOLAPOVA

“I Try to Keep Both my ‘Hats’ on Honorably”

Mrs. Mihaela Iancu Spouse of Romanian Ambassador to Azerbaijan By ARSLAN ABBASOV AZERI OBSERVER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

“I feel that Azerbaijan is a part of my affections”

Mrs. Marta Riva de Quesada Spouse of Argentinean Ambassador to Azerbaijan Question: The role of diplomatic spouses is often overlooked. How would you describe the role...

“The town of Baku struck us immediately”

The life of a diplomatic spouse is anything but ordinary. Spouses of career diplomats must combine and perfectly harmonize family life, professional...

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Night of the Dancing Diamonds

On November 16, 2019, the exotic city of winds, Baku will host a unique event, Night of the Dancing Diamonds for the first time ever....

30 Million Books

Can you imagine 30 million books? This is the number of books in circulation from the 200 novels written by Azerbaijan’s best-selling author, Chingiz Abdullayev....

Indonesia is coming to Azerbaijan

Indonesia will come to Azerbaijan on September 11-15 with the 4th Indonesian Cultural Festival. “As always, the festival this year...