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India eyes medical tourists from Azerbaijan

India aims to boost flows of medical tourists from Azerbaijan to the country. The Embassy of India in Baku has organized a seminar on ‘Medical Tourism in India’ for medical practitioners, Hospital CEOs and travel agents to meet this goal.

According to Global Healthcare Resources 2016-2017 survey, India is in TOP-4 countries in the world for medical tourism after U.S., Germany and Turkey. And the number of medical tourists coming to India is increasing year-on-year. For example, India saw an increase of 127,142 foreign patients during 2016 as compared with 2015, according to the Ministry of State for Tourism and Culture.

The speakers of the seminar noted that the primary reasons for higher demand for treatment in India are the high quality of medicine and low prices. The cost of the same procedures in India may be several times lower than in European clinics. Meanwhile the healthcare services meet global standards. As much as 22 clinics in India have received accreditation from Joint Commission International for the high level of equipment, doctors’ qualification and safety of medical services. It is more than in many European countries.

It was noted that India gets mostly foreign patients for heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental care.

Indian Ambassador in Baku Sanjay Rana stressed the Azerbaijani Healthcare Ministry supports the Embassy in the effort to boost mutually beneficial cooperation in medical sphere and pharmacy.


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