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Beginning of a New Story: Azercell unveils its new brand identity


To rebrand a business is to take it in a new direction. It is about getting to the root core of what a company stands for, consolidating its aims and visions, and then modifying its image to reflect these changes. Rebranding is not just about a new logo or website, but about the entire look and feel of the brand; what the company reflects to the world. Rebranding allow organizations to inspire existing audiences as well as connect with new ones. 

Therefore, the leader of the telecommunications sector of Azerbaijan Azercell, has stepped into a new era in its course of activity. The new brand identity of the company was revealed to the public at the event that took place at the Heydar Aliyev Center on June 21st, with the participation of state and business officials, public figures and media representatives.

The digital concept of the strategic development is aimed at building the company’s business, in line with the globalized world trends that was also announced at this event. The topic of transformation is particularly relevant for the realm of high technologies, according to Azercell’s CEO, Mr. Vahid Mursaliyev.

“Telecommunications determine the rhythm of modern life as the most agile area. We have to change, in line with the changing world. We are glad to change. Change means being alive. Changing means improving yourself, to surpass yourself today for the smarter and faster you of tomorrow. Our strategy changes towards digitalization. The centre of our new digital world will be our customers. All these innovations are just to simplify their lives and provide permanent connectivity,” Mr. Mursaliyev emphasized.

Head of Corporate Communication Section of Azercell, Mrs. Nigar Shikhlinskaya, indicated this day as the beginning of a new journey and a new story – the story of “Your Azercell.”

”We are thrilled to be standing here today, knowing that after months of research, planning, preparations and collaboration, we have completed a very challenging task – to create a new brand identity, a brand that represents the choice made by the majority of Azerbaijan’s population. A brand that serves the needs of various members of our society – students, doctors, teachers, business people, professionals, scientists, public sector and others.”

“Technology is changing our lives by increasing the speed of time,” Head of the Enterprise Business Unit of Azercell, Mr. Giorgos Chatzis, highlights. “We invented and developed the technologies to change our life to its best. Now technology is changing our lives every second. In addition, customers’ behaviour and their needs are changing and expectations now are high. As an operator, we have to be agile in listening to customer’s needs, simplifying our business processes, and leverage the power of new technologies. We all realize that digital transformation is not a blanket term that applies to everyone. Our journey takes a flexible approach to continuous waves of innovation that support business outcomes, centred upon customer benefits. We do not need magic to change, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves.”

According to Mr. Krasimir Genov, Head of the Consumer Business Unit of Azercell, he advises that the evolution of a brand and re-positioning ourselves in the market is an exciting and very responsible activity. “Brand is a promise, reputation is its delivery. We are now making a promise and will deliver it through our new innovative services and customer experience. We have great challenges and great opportunities in front of us. But we have proven that we know how to win the battles and we are confident that we will meet all those challenges.”

“Today, everyone claims to offer the best to their customers; the difference with Azercell is that it can actually live up to this in a meaningful way. Yes, it has the infrastructure, but it also has the passion that will create a customer experience that none of its competitors can offer. Working with Azercell this year, was an opportunity to redefine what it means to be a telecoms provider in Azerbaijan. Creating a customer-focused, innovation-led brand, that is committed to delivering sustainable digital solutions,” agreed Ms. Charlotte Black, the representative of the famous company – Saffron Brand Consultants.

According to Ms. Black, the new logo of the company is a snapshot of an element in motion, illustrating Azercell’s commitment to inspiring connections, and using a subtle reference to the “A” for Azercell. “We have created a symbol that builds momentum towards the future and a language representing a connective force full of energy, symbolising the layers of content, conversation and experiences, which are open to Azercell’s customers.”

Transforming to change lives

Despite the fact that Azercell carries the majority of the country’s residents, and the leader of the local mobile telecom market, the company has considered transformation vital in the new era of connectivity. Azercell is now facing its customers as an agile company for changes towards development, reflecting digitalization in daily life and processes. This transformation will be the bond in strengthening the existing emotional link between Azercell and its customers.

Unveiling the endless possibilities of the digital world through the new brand identity, Azercell declared the intention to significantly change people’s lives with the help of modern technology. The new logo, which is the symbol of Azercell’s agility and innovative spirit, embodies its movement and development, by creating a link between the past and future, reflecting the beginning of a new era in the company’s history.

Acting as a pioneer is in Azercell’s DNA

It should be noted that during the event held at the Heydar Aliyev Center on June 21st, 360 degrees 3D mapping was shown for the first time in Azerbaijan. In addition, Azercell organized a concert “Rəqəmsal Səma Altında” [Under Digital Sky] with free entrance to the park of the Heydar Aliyev Center, hosted by the famous showman Murad Dadashov, giving the audience the opportunity to listen to songs performed by well-known artists, such as Emin Aghalarov, Zulfiya Khanbabayeva, Nigar Jamal, Chingiz Mustafayev, Elnara Khalilova and Elshad Hose. Here, for the first time in the country, approximately 300 drones displayed a spectacular show, creating an image of the Azerbaijani flag and map, highlighting both the old and new logos of Azercell.

Vision of the future

Evolving and expanding the network to meet the ever-growing demands from consumers and business users, is one of Azercell’s strategic aims. Therefore, to accelerate the integration into the world of technologies, Azercell expanded and strengthened its LTE network across the country, as the first provider of the 4G service in Azerbaijan. During the first half of 2019, 1,007 new LTE stations were installed. The total number of LTE stations reached to 1,667, whilst the number of all stations exceeded to 7,000. The number of population coverage significantly increased by 86.2%, whilst the number of geographical coverage boosted by 61.4% in 57 regions of the country. The rapid growth was spotted in daily LTE data usage, as it increased by 49.6%. Approximately, the growth of 16% was achieved in LTE download and upload speeds.

With Azercell, customers are a step closer to 5G in Azerbaijan. The introduction of 5G brings with itself three new aspects: greater speed in order to move more data, lower latency to be more responsive and the ability to connect a lot more devices for sensors and smart devices. Currently, Azercell is modernizing its Radio Access Network to be ready to apply 5G in the country.

“We clearly understand, that in our field of operation, we can move forward only if we have excellent technical power. We strive for delivering the best possible user experience across the country, to meet the mobile data demands of tomorrow. We do not just observe the dynamic and changing technologies; we implement them and set a trend,” the company said.

As a leading company, Azercell considers the environmental sustainability as an integral part of today’s world. Azercell for the first time in the country, have installed environmentally friendly “green” radio base stations operating with alternative energy sources. With a clear vision of responsibilities, Azercell will expand its activity, thus becoming an environmentally conscious company.

Azercell’s mission is not solely to render mobile communication services. The company also attaches great importance to the implementation of social projects in its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, aiming to improve the life style of people using communication services and increasing digital technology literacy.

To be identified as a customer-oriented company and a reliable partner, will be Azercell’s main priority within this new era. By providing innovative and digital solutions within the market, protecting data and privacy of its customers, Azercell is not only willing to meet their needs but also aims to be a step ahead of their expectations, as a successful company, offering products and services that meet the requirements of the latest trends.

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