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New Edition of Azeri Observer Magazine Published

The year of 2020 throughout the world will be a year that will never be forgotten. COVID-19 has taken over the globe and we have adjusted accordingly; we never leave out homes without our masks, we constantly wash and disinfect our hands at every opportunity, and practice social distancing in restaurants, shops and public transport.  We have entered a new ‘normal’, a new way of living and we all wonder if life will ever be the same.

However, for Azerbaijan, COVID-19 is not the worst thing that has happened this year. The devastating effect of the war over Nagorno-Karabakh, the implementation of Martial Law, the 9pm curfew and the senseless deaths of the innocent civilians of Ganja, have all been an additional and very grave cause for concern for the Azeri people.

Our cover feature on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, interviews Professor. Rafiq Aliyev, who updates us on the current situation (at the time of going to press) of how Azerbaijan is slowly regaining its territories.

However, despite the solemn theme of COVID-19 throughout many of our entertainment features, we were still honoured to have interviewed the Ambassador of Brazil to Azerbaijan, Mr. Manuel Montenegro, on the enormous potential Azerbaijan has to develop its renewable energy projects; and the Ambassador of Pakistan to Azerbaijan, Mr. Bilal Hayee, on the brotherly ties that have developed over Pakistani support, as one of Azerbaijan’s strongest supporters.

The Spouse of Jordanian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Mrs. Dana Ghosheh, reveals to Azeri Observer how a diplomatic spouse is like being a PR specialist; we have a fascinating article on the developments of Social Entrepreneurship; as well as the CEO of the Azerbaijan Tourism Board, Mr Florian Sengstschmid, on the measures supporting the tourism industry in the coronavirus crisis;  the head of the Russian Export Center’s Representative Office in Azerbaijan, Mr. Nuri Guliyev, on the current trade trends between the two countries; Mr. Akif Melikov on the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, as well as the Architect, Mr. Bryan O’Sullivan, who shares with us his signature, elegant eclecticism.

Plus many travel and food features on the top Italian tourist destinations!

Whatever the rest of 2020 has in store for us is anyone’s guess, but let us all try to remain positive, safe, and most of all, be kind to others, as well as ourselves.

With best regards,
The Editorial Team

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