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Czech Beer Day in Baku: A Toast to Tradition and Friendship


The Czech Embassy in Baku hosted Czech Beer Day, an event designed to showcase the deep-rooted beer brewing traditions of Czechia and strengthen cultural ties between the Czech Republic and Azerbaijan.
Beer brewing in the territory of today’s Czech Republic has a history that dates back to 993 at the Břevnov Monastery in Prague. During this period, brewing was primarily conducted in monasteries because a 250-year ban on non-monastic brewing was in place, only lifted in 1250. From the outset, Czech beer incorporated hops in its brewing process, a technique used several hundred years before it was adopted by other beer-loving countries.
According to the World Beer Index, Czechia leads the world in average annual beer consumption, with about 468 beers consumed per person per year. Beer plays a central role in many of the country’s celebrations, ceremonies, and festivals, and drinking competitions are a popular form of entertainment in Czech beer culture. Recognizing its cultural significance, the Czech Beer and Malt Association submitted Czechia’s beer culture to UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2022.

Czech Beer Day in Yaban Pub & Restaurant on the picturesque Baku boulevard provided guests with the opportunity to sample authentic Czech beer and savor Czech national cuisine. The event featured two distinctive types of beer: Budweiser Budvar, a naturally hazy, unfiltered, unpasteurized beer made by blending fresh and matured batches, and Pražačka, a light golden brown lager known for its refreshing taste and pleasant yeast aroma with light bitterness. Guests also enjoyed videos and leaflets highlighting tourist attractions in the Czech Republic, including Prague, Karlovy Vary, and Marianske Lazne.
Adding a unique twist to the event, fashion designer and founder of LBFashion school, Leyla Babazade, presented a fashion performance. Her creations, inspired by Czech and Azerbaijani patterns and styles, captivated the audience and emphasized the fusion of the two cultures.

Czech Beer Day in Baku was a resounding success, offering a delightful blend of tradition, culture, and culinary excellence. It served as a testament to the enduring legacy of Czech beer and its role in fostering cross-cultural connections.
However, Czech Beer Day is not the only opportunity to enjoy Czech beer in Azerbaijan. Authentic Czech beer is available daily at numerous restaurants and pubs in Baku, including Harbor Restaurant and Pub, Emiland, Qrenki Pub, Pivnaya Apteka, Masa, Drujba Pub, Elis Pub, Yaban Pub & Restaurant, Dusbara Pub, Alivium Centrala, London Baku, The Friday, and Compass Pub Vest.

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