First Mobile Connection in Karabakh from Azercell!


Leading mobile operator deploys new generation mobile network in Azerbaijani historical lands

The Karabakh conflict has been an incurable wound for every Azerbaijani for more than 30 years. Nagorno-Karabakh is an ancient and historical land of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani people have lived in this territory for centuries, and it is an internationally recognized part of Azerbaijan. However, the peace negotiations have yet to yield any resounding results and has still not led to the withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces from Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding districts, as required by four UN Security Council resolutions. This is the reason why Azerbaijan has been compelled to restore the historical justice on the battlefield. The current war in Karabakh is a patriotic war for the whole Azerbaijani nation. The glorious Azerbaijani Army has already liberated many settlements from the occupiers and we strongly believe that the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan will be restored very soon.

During these crucial days in the history and destiny of our country, every compatriot demonstrates solidarity with our heroic soldiers, fighting for the liberation of our occupied land regardless of their profession and field of activity.

“Azercell Telecom”, the country’s leading mobile operator, has initiated a number of projects and initiatives to support every single one of our compatriots who are protecting the integrity of our country – on the frontline and on the home front – and restore the infrastructure in the liberated territories, destroyed by the occupiers.

In early October, Azercell was among the first to donate to the valiant Azerbaijani Army, protecting our peace and security, transferring 1 million AZN to the Armed Forces Assistance Fund. In addition, the Azerbaijani national flag was hung on Azercell Plaza, the headquarters of Azercell Telecom, to express solidarity to our homeland and armed forces.

Feeling the desire of every Azerbaijani, to support our brave army, in the period when the hearts of all compatriots pray for Karabakh, Azercell also provided an opportunity for its subscribers to donate to the Armed Forces Assistance Fund, in a more convenient and easy way. Now, Azercell users can transfer funds 24/7 via Azercell’s “Kabinetim” (“My Cabinet”) application from anywhere, just by launching the “Kabinetim” and selecting the “Donate to the Army” in the “Mobile Payment” section. There is no need for a credit card to make the transfer, and it is possible to make a donation with a balance starting from 3 AZN. The maximum one-time donation is 50 AZN, and the monthly limit is 500 AZN. Available in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages and running on both iOS and Android operating systems, the multifunctional application “Kabinetim” can be downloaded from the App Store, PlayStore or Huawei AppGallery, free of charge. If the application is not updated automatically, it is advised to use the link to download the updates.

The mobile operator also highly values the endeavors of media representatives, working hard to support the armed forces in the liberation of our lands, enhancing the victory spirit, and conveying the real truth about Azerbaijan to the international community. To support the courageous media representatives, acting as invincible warriors of the information war and promptly broadcasting unbiased news from the battle zones to both Azerbaijan and the world community, Azercell transferred 100 AZN to the balance of all reporters and media workers, who have been assigned to the frontline.

Azercell, known for its social initiatives, also implemented a charitable project for the families of the brave martyrs, who died while defending our Homeland, as well as participants and veterans of the Karabakh war, refugees and internally displaced persons. On the occasion of World Sight Day, celebrated on October 8th, the company arranged free check-ups for the prevention and treatment of eye diseases for these groups of people in Azercell’s Mobile Eye Clinic, equipped with the latest ophthalmological equipment and the clinic of the “Caspian Compassion Project” Public Union. Optical glasses were also provided to the patients if needed.

In addition, Azercell supports the civilians who have suffered from the Armenian aggression. After rocket attacks on residential areas in the city of Ganja, which killed 26 and injured 138 innocent civilians, Azercell provided communication support to its subscribers in this city. Taking into account that the phone calls by people located in Ganja greatly increased, the mobile operator uploaded 50 minutes of calls and 50 SMS in all directions, to the balance of all subscribers there.

Finally, Azercell is ready to help restore the infrastructure in Karabakh and the surrounding districts, which the occupiers left in ruins. The company has already started deploying the first mobile infrastructure and has been installing fourth-generation LTE Radio Base Stations in the territories liberated from enemy occupation, in order to leave no area in Azerbaijan without mobile connection. It is already working to cover all the liberated historical territories of the country with a modern mobile network and is preparing to provide their residents – who will undoubtedly return to their homes very soon – with uninterrupted communications and innovative services.

Azercell is confident that in gratitude to the decisive leadership of Azerbaijani President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Ilham Aliyev, the triumphant march of our heroic army will end with a great victory! Standing with our citizens during the most fraught and difficult period in the history of our independence, the leader of the mobile communication industry, the largest taxpayer and the biggest investor of the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan, will continue its efforts to provide assistance to our army, people and state, in its initiatives.

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!