About us

Azeri Observer is Azerbaijan’s leading English language magazine, which was established in 2013. The magazine was founded by AssA-Irada, Azerbaijan’s first independent news agency.

Azeri Observer has served as the flagship publication of the diplomatic community in Baku and abroad. Each issue includes three exclusive interviews with foreign ambassadors. It is distributed to all 65 embassies in the Azerbaijani capital and more than 500 locations in Baku including executives of state-run and international companies, hotels and business centers.


The quarterly magazine features interviews and analytical stories covering significant political, economic, cultural and historical developments in the country and around the world.

Exclusive Interviews

Azeri Observer has interviewed top business leaders, diplomats, and government officials.

Diplomatic Lifestyle

Take an inside look into the fascinating lives of ambassador’s spouses

Political & Economic Analyses

Delve into some of the region’s biggest issues

Company and business profiles

Highlighting entrepreneurs and success stories 

Culture, history and tourism

Art, artists, museums and famous sites across Azerbaijan and the world