Golden Season of the Mexican Fall

BY RODRIGO LABARDINI AMBASSADOR OF MEXICO IN AZERBAIJAN It may or may not be a sheer act of randomness or a twist of fate, but several...

The New Forest

BY GEMMA BIANCHI SLATER AZERI OBSERVER EDITOR If you ever find yourself on the south-coast of England, and feel like taking a ninety minute detour south-west...

Enzo Avitabile: Lifelong Music Passion

Italian saxophonist, composer and singer-songwriter, Enzo Avitabile has been pursuing his musical quest for an original personal style, all his life. With his sound...

Feel the Rejuvenated Paradise of Mexican Beaches

BY RODRIGO LABARDINI AMBASSADOR OF MEXICO IN AZERBAIJAN Often and regularly throughout the days and weeks, we are quite sure that everything around us is permanent...

Meaning of Celebrating Indonesia’s 75th Anniversary on August 17

The 75th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence Day will be held on August 17. However, this year, the commemoration will be very different from previous...

Tequila: Mexican Culture in Liquid Form

BY RODRIGO LABARDINI AMBASSADOR OF MEXICO IN AZERBAIJAN Tequila, just like the Mexican nation, is the successful outcome of the fusion of two cultures: the European-Mediterranean...

Maasai Mara, King of Safaris

BY FRANCISCO E. ROMERO BOCK EMBASSY OF MEXICO IN KENYA Although there are many safaris on the African continent, there is one that distinguishes between them...

How Russia Recognizes the Middle East Zeitgeist

BY SINEM CENGIZ AZERI OBSERVER CONTRIBUTOR Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy said that people do not become leaders due to fate or their characteristics, but due to the social...

Benelux: The Small World

BY NARMIN RZAYEVA AZERI OBSERVER STAFF WRITER This meeting happened on an exceptionally warm October day, when the soft breath of a kind autumn in Baku started to turn the night’s...

Paradise on Earth

BY ARSLAN ABBASOV AZERI OBSERVER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF There is a very good reason why Bali is called a paradise on Earth. An Indonesian island, Bali is the holiday of a...

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Green Globe Gala: Fostering Environmental Consciousness Through Education

BY ELENA KOSOLAPOVA AZERI OBSERVER STAFF WRITER The European Azerbaijan School recently hosted the highly anticipated Green Globe Gala, a grand affair aimed at fostering a...

“Youth for Green World” Summer Camp of Diaspora Youth

AZERI OBSERVER EDITORIAL STAFF 5th Summer Camp of Diaspora Youth “Youth for Green World” will take place in Lachin, an ancient Azerbaijani land, from 1...

Czech Beer Day in Baku: A Toast to Tradition and Friendship

BY ELENA KOSOLAPOVA AZERI OBSERVER STAFF WRITER The Czech Embassy in Baku hosted Czech Beer Day, an event designed to showcase the deep-rooted beer brewing traditions...