The largest Uzbek producer of home appliances Artel presented its products in Baku on March 5. The event supported by the Uzbek Embassy in Azerbaijan was attended by representatives of Azerbaijani state institutions and business, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in the country and journalists.

Artel produces over 20 kinds of high-tech home appliances and gadgets – air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, gas stoves, built-in kitchen appliances, TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators, cellular phones, and etc. The company cooperates with such famous brands as Korean Samsung, Japanese Shivaki, Belgian Avalon and uses their technologies. Artel home appliances have been certified by the leading European certification centres and are exported to more than 10 countries.

Artel entered Azerbaijani market about two years ago. Today Azerbaijani consumers can buy Artel air conditioners, washing machines, stoves and other household appliances in different household shops across the country. But the company wants to bring its other products, such as industrial refrigerators, Akfa LED Lighting lamps and lighting devices, and etc. to the Azerbaijani market too. The event gave Azerbaijani distributors of such products an opportunity to see and assess these goods.


Uzbek Ambassador to Baku Sherzod Fayziyev while delivering a speech at the event noted that Uzbekistan is taking active measures to liberalize its economy, which contribute to the growth in high-tech and competitive goods production. He went on to add that economic reforms in Uzbekistan create favorable conditions for local and foreign entrepreneurs, and for development business ties with other countries, including Azerbaijan.

Fuad Gumbatov, Deputy Secretary General of Azerbaijani National Confederation of Entrepreneurs, in turn, said that the confederation organized a visit of Azerbaijani entrepreneurs to Tashkent and Samarkand in February. Within the visit Azerbaijani businesspeople familiarized themselves with the economic climate in Uzbekistan. Gumbatov noted that the confederation plans to organize visits to other regions of Uzbekistan too.

After the official part of the presentation participants of the event had an opportunity to see Uzbek national handmade souvenirs and booklets about the main tourist attractions in Uzbekistan and try traditional Uzbek pilaf.