Pullman Baku Hotel hosts ArtNight event


Due to its popularity, Pullman Baku Hotel has just hosted its second ArtNight event. The unique concept of an upscale entertainment event blending together a visual pop-up art exhibition, an electronic/live music session, tasting drinks and snacks as developed by Accor Live Limitless (recently re-branded name of AccorHotels, a series of world-famous hotel chains) especially for Pullman hotels. Following the slogan of the company, “More than hotels. A way of life.” – Pullman ArtNights pursue their goal to combine contemporary art into an integral part of a vibrant, dynamic and urban lifestyle. These events have been organized in London, Paris, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Phuket, Tokyo, Berlin and many more cities across the world.

The protagonist of the Pullman ArtNight event on December 10, artist Irina Eldarova, chose to exhibit her numerous art-works in an eclectic, yet stylish manner by simply leaning her large canvasses against the walls of the floor, instead of hanging them on the wall. The main surprise for her exclusive audience was the joyful intervention of the pieces as one with the crowd: luggage trolleys full of stacked canvases entered the hall from different doors with waiters strategically placing them amongst the guests. The event also included an animation screening based on the works of the artist, a time-lapse video of the newest creation process intended for the hotel’s collection, and an interesting talk by well-known art and culture expert, Mr. Jahangir Selimkhanov.

Irina Eldarova is a mature and serious artist, her creative works are highly reputable and very much in demand.  She has been awarded titles of Honorary Artist of Azerbaijan and is a member of The Russian Academy of Fine Arts, and has eagerly agreed to provide her paintings for an exhibition in a non-conventional format, as she strongly believes that appreciating art should not be bound by established rules and rituals. In her recent works, she boldly mixes the reality, memories and dreams; her paintings are nostalgic, ironic and melancholic at the same time as they invite the viewer to feel the joy of life pulsating across the harsh industrial landscapes, and every day routine of an urban megalopolis.

In collaboration with The Museum Center of Azerbaijan, the Cp-Art exhibition of Irina Eldarova will be available for visitors till February 1, 2020.