Indian Motifs Come Alive at Azerbaijani Painting Workshop



In a vibrant celebration of cross-cultural artistry, the Arts Council Azerbaijan, in collaboration with the Embassy of India in Baku, organized an Indian-themed painting workshop at Ganjlik Mall on November 11.

Mr. Dadash Mammadov, Director of the Arts Council Azerbaijan, coordinated with ten Azerbaijani artists who explored Indian cultural motifs through their art.

The workshop featured an array of artworks, each vividly interpreting Indian themes through the unique lens of the artists. Ms. Nuray Allahverdiyeva presented “Chess”, a painting reflecting the strategic depths of Indian intellectual traditions. Ms. Roya Hasanova’s depiction of the iconic “Taj Mahal” captured its architectural grandeur and historical romance. Ms. Maryam Kiblayeva expressed the fluidity and grace of Indian dance forms through her artwork. Ms. Leyla Orucova’s portrayal of the “Moon” resonated with the mystical aspects of Indian folklore.

Continuing the showcase, Ms. Melek Abbaszade’s painting of “Meditating Lord Buddha” offered a serene glimpse into the spiritual realms of India. Ms. Naila Aslanova brought to life the majestic “Chittorgarh Fort”, embodying India’s rich historical heritage. Ms. Sevda Rustamova’s “Dance (Green)” vibrantly depicted the energy and color of Indian dances. Ms. Kamila Muradova’s creation, “A Woman in Traditional Costume”, captured the essence of Indian attire and femininity. Mr. Eldar Babazade explored cinematic themes with his “A Love Story Movie”, reflecting the influence of Indian cinema. Lastly, Ms. Leyla Muradova’s “Portrait” (“Tiger”) symbolized the fierce beauty and cultural significance of this revered animal in Indian culture.

Indian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Sridharan Madhusudhanan engaged with the artists, delving into the inspirations for their works. He underscored the importance of cultural exchange in enhancing mutual understanding.

The workshop attracted a wide audience, from local art enthusiasts to members of the Indian community in Azerbaijan. A highlight was the Indian Culture Corner, a hit, especially among children. It featured a Sarangi, a traditional Indian musical instrument, and a display of a classic Indian turban, offering an immersive cultural experience. Additionally, distributing free picture books on Mahatma Gandhi in the Azerbaijani language deepened visitors’ appreciation of Indian heritage.

This event, marked by its interactive painting sessions, not only showcased artistic talents but also reinforced the friendship between Azerbaijan and India through cultural dialogue.