By Elena Kosolapova

Azeri Observer staff writer

The Opening Ceremony of a female artists’ exhibition titled ‘Eternal Power of Colours’ took place in Port Baku Mall’s Gallery in Baku on April 16.

The exhibition is organized by the International Women’s Club of Baku, Turan Art Gallery, Head of Mission’s Spouses (H.O.M.S.) and Port Baku Mall.

As much as 18 talented women artists from Azerbaijan, Argentina, Turkey and Croatia take part in the exhibition.

There are portraits, landscapes and still-life paintings among the 60 exhibits. They are painted in different styles and with different techniques, but at the same time all of them are full of the radiance of colors, the thirst for life, the joy of being and have a common topic: Nature, woman and beauty. Among these paintings a special place is occupied by portraits of women of different nationalities, ages, epochs. But all these women are equally beautiful and unique.

“With this exhibition we want to create a spring mood and bring the beauty of women and nature to the inhabitants of our city,” says curator of the exhibition Turan Mukhtarzade. She is a founder of the Turan Art Gallery where all the participants of the exhibition attend painting lessons. This studio has already participated in two exhibitions in Baku, as well as in the exhibition in the Louvre in Paris, the World Trade Center in Dubai and the Manege in Moscow.

“All our participants are women. It is our distinctive feature. It is easier for me to work with women, we better understand each other, we like similar topics, styles, such as nature, lots of colours, and it’s easier for me to teach them,” Turan says.

One of the participants of the exhibition is the spouse of Argentinian Ambassador in Baku Marta de Quesada. She never painted before coming to Azerbaijan and started to learn paining here and now it is her fourth exhibition.

“This exhibition is as colorful as spring. It is about women and that is great. Historically the majority of artists are men. It is very important to show that there are many good female artists in Azerbaijan as well and they are very powerful,” Marta de Quesada said.

All the participants of the exhibition are of different age – some are under 18, others are over 50.

15-year-old Aisha Gurbanova is one of the youngest participants. Despite her young age, Aisha has already participated in exhibitions in Paris and Dubai.

“Baku is my hometown. So, it is important moment for me and I feel very excited. My next goal is an exhibition in London,” she says.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by representatives of foreign diplomatic missions in Azerbaijan, art workers, journalists and lovers of paintings.

According to Moldovan ambassador to Baku George Leuka, the exhibition ‘Eternal Power of Colours” is amazing first of all because it is made by women and about women.

“It is great that representatives of different countries took part in the exhibition. The more such events we have, the better. People come, see beauty, get acquainted with art, learn more about Azerbaijan and other countries. The Moldovan Embassy is also trying to organize similar events. We have organized 6 exhibitions in different galleries in Baku over the past two years. And we plan to organize more,” the ambassador said.

Another visitor of the exhibition – Norma Rahmansai Isagzai, the spouse of the UN Ambassador in Baku, also loved the exhibition.

“It is very strong and bold but still feminine with its beauty and using the colours in a graceful way. A special story was captured in every painting, whether it is the Cuban lady with a big cigar in her mouth or the Azerbaijani beautiful women with nice necklace or the ballerinas,” she said.

She noted that it is important to recognize in Azerbaijan and globally the importance of the women’s work and that women are not just beautiful in the outside but can create something beautiful.

The exhibition will be open till April 19 from 10:00 till 22:00. The entrance is free.

Media partners of the event are the Azeri Observer and The M.O.S.T magazines, Azerbaijani State News Agency Azertag and news website.