A series of events in the framework of the 63rd Asian-African Conference (KAA) that will be held in Bandung, capital of West Java Province of Indonesia on April 23-29 will involve more local youths.

Head of the Asian African Conference Museum in Indonesia, Meinarti Fauzi said that this year the series of the events will take the theme “Beyond The Bandung Spirit”.

“This year we do not invite some delegations from foreign countries. We will just invite students from elementary school, junior high and high school, members of youth communities within our events,” he said.

According to Fauzi, this year the organizer deliberately involves the students and youths in every series of events so they can feel the spirit when the first time Asian African Conference was held in Bandung in 1955.

Fauzi said that the series of the events to commemorate the 63rd Asian African Conference has been started from March, with various kinds of programs, like races and blood donation. Furthermore, the organizer will raise the flags of the Asian African Conference member countries and UN’s flag on April 18, the day of the event will be held.  “The flag raising ceremony will involve 400 troops, followed by students,” he added.

The series of the events will also include another kind of programs like Afternoon Tea Reception at the Main Hall of Gedung Merdeka on April 23, which presents a number of Asian African Conference living witnesses.

Another interesting program is exploring the Asian African Conference Museum at night April 27. “We limit this program to have only 300 participants. The goal is to keep the visitors in convenience,” Fauzi said.

The peak of the event will be held on April 29 as there will be a carnival involving hundreds of students and youth. State representatives will also attend the event.